How Does It Work?

Our advanced algorithm rates your compatibility with Jacob, taking into account your shared likes, hobbies, and values.

Who Is Jacob?

We’ve written 1,098 questions — and counting — attuned to Jacob’s personality.

Can I Swipe?


How Do I Start?

After you’ve created your profile, swipe right to rate Jacob’s pics, or swipe left to gain JPoints™.

The Choice Is Yours ... And Jacob's.

JakeDate Features

Everything you need to date Jacob, all in one app.


Accessible from computers, tablets, mobile devices, smart watches, the LG Electronics 42LB5600, and phablets.

Simple Communication

Message Jacob seamlessly. Jacob can look at or ignore any of your messages.

Everywhere, Anywhere

Enable Location services to “check-in” at places you think Jacob you might like.

Get Personal

Sync with Jacob’s GoodReads account to stay on the same page.

One-Click Checkout

Integrate with Etsy to browse Jacob’s store of handmade leather bracelets from within the app.

Many other features

Compete with friends on Double JakeDates™, and more.

"I guess this guy seems pretty nice. Why do you ask?"

Sam Yagan, CEO Match Inc.

The JakeDate Matrix

Our patented software compares your personality data with Jacob's:

  • Sort of believes in ghosts
  • Very extroverted around animals
  • Self-doubts when hungry
  • Still sends postcards
  • Feminist?
  • Culturally Jewish
  • Minored in Library Science
  • Passport expires in five years
  • Learning to make curry
  • Only dances at weddings
  • Soderbergh fan
  • Can drive a stick-shift

Finding the right guy can be a journey of a thousands steps. The next step is Jacob.

Alexia Tsotsis

The Jacob vertical will never be the same.

Dan Seifert
The Verge

I don’t know who these young upstarts are, but they have no business making an app this good.

Marina Galperina
Fast Company

The future is here, and he’s five-foot, ten-and-a-half.

Kevin Daum


Robert McMillan

I never felt pressured, only more and more curious.

Katie Notopoulos

People are going to be poaching this model left and right, but there’s only one Jacob.

Alissa Walker

I fucked [Jacob].

Farhad Manjoo
The New York Times

Meet The Team

The best in the JakeDating business.

Mel, Head of Swipe

"Technology is useless if it’s not bringing people closer together. JakeDate isn’t about harvesting clicks, or swipes, or engagements. It’s about getting seven billion people in touch with Jacob."

Andy, Full-Stack Witch

"Most people I talk to hadn’t heard of Jacob before. And before JakeDate, I hadn’t heard of him either. Fixing that might not save the world — but it certainly can’t hurt."

Josh, Disruptoventurist

"We want to deliver a quality product, so that users end up with this quality man. Everything else is noise."

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